Supreme Mission To Make Coffee Industry Waste-free

Press Release – Coffee Supreme

One of New Zealand’s most iconic coffee brands, Coffee Supreme, is spearheading a movement to make this country’s coffee industry the world’s most sustainable.

Today, it launches a new recycling program which lets Kiwi cafes recycle all their Coffee Supreme coffee bags and Instant sachets, for free.

“From now, no Coffee Supreme bean will ever be carried in non-recyclable plastic packaging when it leaves us to go to our customers,” Coffee Supreme CEO Al Keating says.

“The new recyclable packaging program by our partners TerraCycle is a gamechanger and we’re so proud to be using it.”

Cafe owners who use Coffee Supreme are now able to either ship their Coffee Supreme packaging to TerraCycle or if they’re in a city centre, a Supreme team member will pick it up.

Customers who drink Coffee Supreme at home or the office can drop it off at a Coffee Supreme cafe in Christchurch or Wellington, or at the company’s Auckland HQ, for free.

Instead of ending up in landfill, Coffee Supreme’s packaging can be recycled into new items such as garden beds and outdoor furniture, using TerraCycle’s recycling program.

Coffee Supreme supplies more than 300 cafes throughout New Zealand. Introducing the Coffee Supreme Recycling Program will help stop this waste from going to landfill and instead ensure the plastic is repurposed.

“Together we can ensure thousands of coffee bags are recycled, rather than simply ending up in landfill,” Keating says.

“Beyond making our own packaging recyclable; we want all coffee roasteries to get on board and we’re here to help anyone who’s keen to make the switch — they just need to reach out.”

General Manager of TerraCycle Australia and New Zealand, Jean Bailliard, said kiwis are enthusiastic recyclers and passionate about their coffee, making this an ideal partnership for both companies.

“New Zealanders love looking after the environment and love coffee. Our new recycling programme allows them to love both without any guilt.”

“We will reuse, upcycle and recycle the waste instead of incinerating or landfilling it. This moves waste from a linear system to a circular one, allowing it to keep cycling in our economy.”

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