Student Radio Network Approaches Forty

Press Release – Student Radio Network

The Student Radio Network of Aotearoa (SRN) turns forty next year and celebrates with a statement of their continued commitment to local music; to excellence in local content; and to the service of diverse audiences.

The SRN pledge to continue their commitment to passionate and expert-led support of New Zealand music, diverse culture and opinion, representing the freshest content, platforming those voices not heard elsewhere, developing and supporting a volunteer staff of hundreds, and serving an engaged six-figure audience across its five regional posts.

The SRN are also proud to take this opportunity, as they approach this milestone birthday, to celebrate the achievements of their last calendar year: 45-60% local music content; hundreds of local artists recorded and platformed via live performance recording; representing the finest from our five regions, sharing and boosting each other’s regional knowledge to showcase a greater picture of national excellence.

Thanks to the much-needed, greatly appreciated support of NZ on Air, the SRN continues to be a network of established, independent radio stations that represent the heart and conscience of a contemporary, engaged community. A deliverer of the finest in Aotearoa composition and live performance recordings; news content that remains uncompromised by commercial pressures; explorations of, questioning of, and celebrations of contemporary thought and culture.

Each station engages directly with their local community; they are made by, and for, their local creative scenes. SRN stations are staffed, managed, hosted and produced by tertiary-age broadcasting enthusiasts, rubbing shoulders with established industry legends. The SRN is proud to renew its commitment to both its listenership and its regional contributors – a broad church of diverse needs and values, of a wide range of ages and experiences.

95bFM – Auckland – 95.0FM

Radio Control – Palmerston North – 99.4FM

RadioActive – Wellington – 88.6FM

RDU – Christchurch – 98.5FM

Radio One – Dunedin – 91.0FM

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