Maternity Natural Health leaders to speak at Symposium

Press Release – IIMHCO

World Leaders in Maternity Natural Health soon to speak at 22 Mar Auckland Symposium
IIMHCO (Intl Integrative Maternity HealthCare Org) are soon to host world leaders in “Perinatal Integrative Medicine” (holistic maternal/newbornhealth & wellness) who will be keynote speaking at the upcoming Maternity Natural Health Symposium on 22nd March at the Novotel Ellerslie in Auckland – and unusual for such a health summit, the Public are also welcome to attend.

Just as consumers are demanding more holistic integrated healthcare for their general wellness, so too are woman, globally, demanding a less medicalized, and overall safer maternity experience for both themselves and their baby, devoid of the common unnecessary intervention-resulting horrific levels of traumatic and dramatic instrumental and surgical emergency deliveries. Well gone are the days of the “Doctor being God”, and instead today’s millennial mothers-to-be are educated, articulate and able to “google anything” they wish to question – however the internet can also be a dangerous place to seek obstetric advice from mostly Forum contributors lacking in formal Health Professional qualifications.

It is unknown to most Kiwis that NZ is globally regarded as having some of the very best maternity healthcare available on the planet. With our unique continuity-of-care LMC (Lead Maternity Carer) system, NZ is one of the only countries in the world that fulfils the World Health Organization’s criteria of best maternity care. Consequently, around the world it is not seen as surprising for such an event to be hosted on our Shores.

Specifics on the upcoming IIMHCO symposium on Maternity Integrative Health:
• This cross-discipline congress is attracting both Birth Practitioners (eg Obstetricians, Midwifes, Doulas, etc) and Natural Health Practitioners specializing in Maternal/Neonatal well-being (eg Medical herbalists, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, etc).
• Flying into NZ to speak include keynotes Dr Riccardo Jones from Brazil (arguably the world’s leading Homeopathic Obstetrician), and Elizabeth Davis from the USA (a ‘goddess’ of midwifery academic education), along with many other international and local specialist Experts.
• The gap of communication has always wide between academic research and public knowledge. This event is a rare opportunity for the Public to get direct access to information known by the leading experts in many different maternity therapeutic modalities.

Kiwi midwife and best-selling maternity author Kathy Fray comments “Combining NZ’s internationally admired midwifery-led maternity healthcare system, with our country’s ‘clean green 100%-Pure’ branding, plus our nation’s inherent love of holistic natural healthcare wellness (our rate of Health Shops per capita is very high in the Western world), along with our governmental legislation to protect Rongoā Māori traditional healing, then altogether it is no surprise NZ is pioneering the way internationally as thought-leaders on the world stage of Maternity Integrative HealthCare.”

If expectant mothers-to-be want to hear first-hand from some of the best of the best Experts in maternity natural health and wellness, then this is the leading event not to be missed. [Journalist reporters welcome to attend by contacting conference manager Caroline Jack]

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