NZ’s first licensed digital pharmacy

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New Zealand’s first licensed digital pharmacy set to change how we manage our health
It’s here! New Zealand’s first licensed digital pharmacy is set to change the way we manage our health

Until now, advances in the way New Zealand pharmacies deliver and manage medication have been sluggish and uninspiring.

But why, when we can manage nearly every aspect of our lives online, should our health be any different?

Alarmingly, some studies say that between 25-50% of New Zealanders are not taking their medication correctly. This contributes towards negative health outcomes and can mean several trips to hospital – both stressful and dangerous for patients and an avoidable strain on our already stretched health system.

With our ever-busy lives, our growing and aging population, our efforts to improve health outcomes, and rapid advances in technology, New Zealanders need a smarter way to manage their medication.

Introducing PillDrop: New Zealand’s first full service digital pharmacy with Ministry of Health approval.

As a complete pharmacy solution, PillDrop’s innovative process combines integrated, cloud-based software with delivery of medicines straight to your door; smart packaging with pre-sorted by the dose Pill Sachets®; round-the-clock access to your dispensing history and of when your repeats are due; and a dedicated phone line to speak to a fully-qualified pharmacist 24/7.

What could be a game changer for New Zealand is PillDrop’s process. You can take a photo of your prescription and get your medicine delivered to you on the same day, straight to your door at a time that works for you. PillDrop uses smartphone technology to deliver a simple and secure way to dispense medicines that puts the patient first.

“PillDrop’s clever packaging helps customers manage their medications as best as they can. As a nurse, I have seen how patients who take multiple medicines at a time struggle to keep up with their medication regime. Most of the time, it is frustrating and overwhelming. Says founder, Suzanne Burge. The easy tear Pill Sachets® have all the details they need printed on them. If a patient struggles to remember if they’ve taken their medicines at the right doses, now there’s a way to ensure they have taken what they should, when they should. It also allows caregivers to feel confident that the people they care for are keeping on top of their medication.”

From 13th January 2020, PillDrop can deliver your medicines to your home or workplace nationwide. If you’re Auckland based, you can access their complete service – allowing you to take a photo of your original prescription to have your medicines dispensed and delivered. This full service will roll-out to Christchurch by mid 2020, followed by other major centres by the end of the year.

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