Parent Visa Category Scam!

Press Release – Migrant Workers Association

National government closed the parent visa category in 2016 claiming that it was a temporary measure to bring the numbers under control.

This week the Labour led government has announced that the Parent Visa Category will reopen in February 2020. However, the income requirements for the sponsors are outrageously high and out of reach for most, if not all, working class migrants.

Anyone wanting to sponsor their parents will be required to earn 2 to 4 times more than the national median salary.

At present the annual median salary is $53,040, but anyone wanting to sponsor their parents for a residence visa in New Zealand will need to earn between $106,080 and $212,160.

Not only is this an anti-migrant plan but it is also an anti-working-class strategy. Under this visa category, only the rich have the luxury of being near their loved ones. This is nothing short of a scam!

We demand that the income requirements for sponsors under the parent Visa Category be removed.

Let us all gather to put our demand forward to the government on Saturday 12 October 2019, 11.30am in Aotea Square, Auckland City.

Saturday 12 October at 11.30am

Aotea Square, Auckland

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