National Party allowed a disastrous result for Auckland

Press Release – Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance

National Party allowed a disastrous result for Auckland ratepayers

12 OCTOBER 2019

The result of the 2019 Auckland Mayoral election shows the need for stronger campaigning from the centre-right, says the Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance.

Ratepayers’ Alliance Spokesperson Jo Holmes said “The National Party stood back and let Phil Goff get away with his rate hikes, new charges, and local fuel tax. While Labour swung in to support Goff, National failed to offer any ratepayer-friendly blue or light blue alternative to Goff’s costly mayoralty.”

“With National twiddling its thumbs, it’s no wonder that a candidate like Tamihere emerged as the main opposition, who despite energetic campaigning, was never going to unite centre-right voters.”

“Today’s result is a disastrous one for ratepayers. National members ought to be kicking their party’s leadership for smoothing Goff’s way back into the mayoralty.”


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