How Connectivity & Big Data are Changing Industry

Press Release – Entec

In an ever-connected world, we are constantly (often unknowingly) contributing informative data about ourselves through various devices. While collecting and tracking personal data has become a contentious issue in some areas, it has flourished in others.

The health and fitness sector have popularised this fascination with collecting and analysing personal data, as evident through the rise of devices like Fitbit and various fitness tracking apps.

This same concept of collecting and analysing information in real-time is now being applied in a professional setting, with the worker safety industry investing heavily in worker monitoring technology.

Bob Weston, Managing Director of Auckland-based gas detection products and instrumentation, Entec, says big data has vastly improved worker safety across the board, from process level, through to the day-to-day of workers on the ground.

“The gas detectors we supply from industry-leading manufacturers like Industrial Scientific collect vast amounts of data in real-time including the immediate environment of breathing air, and the person’s precise location”.

As New Zealand’s leading supplier of such devices, Weston says he has been impressed by the industry’s commitment to worker safety, rather than just pushing out complicated technology with little explanation on how to use them effectively.

“Collecting loads of relevant data is fantastic – however, we need to ensure that new technologies gel with the people on the ground, using them”.

“Manufacturers like Industrial Scientific have been excellent in backing up this newfound collection and analysing of big data with training which allows workers to understand the new products in a practical setting”.

Entec then take this knowledge and apply it to NZ industry, providing comprehensive training for their new product offerings and hold regular site visits and seminars throughout the country which aim to keep customers in the loop.

“There should be no gap between worker and technology – we work to ensure that big data improves worker safety while allowing them to focus on their job at hand”.

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