Plans To Reduce Park Space Revealed

Press Release – Mark Thomas

Three full rugby fields of green open space will be lost or permanently altered at a total cost of $62.7 million if the plans championed by long-term Auckland councillor Cathy Casey plans proceed says council candidate Mark Thomas.

Casey’s Roskill Community Voice group’s plan for Hillsborough’s Monte Cecila Park will see 18,000 square metres of green open space lost. The $33 million plan is the top local priority for Casey and the Roskill Community Voice ticket which controls the Puketāpapa Local Board.

At a recent Puketāpapa Local Board meeting, offical council advice confirmed the ticket’s preferred options would see “loss of open space” when “demand for open space is increasing in Puketāpapa”.

In the Albert-Eden area, Casey’s City Vision group has caused outrage with its $29.7m plan which will see the 80 year old Chamberlain Park carved up and 15,000 square metres of green open space lost or permanently altered including the addition of a large new car park. 25,000 people have signed a petition opposing the plan.

“This assault on green open space led by the eight-term councillor Cathy Casey’s group is out-of-touch with the demand being placed on green space in central Auckland area which is coming under increasing pressure from Unitary Plan housing developments.”

“Mayor Phil Goff says 10,000 new houses will be built in Mt Roskill in the coming years with a need for more green open space not less. “

The council report concluded that Casey and her group’s preferred options present “high legal and financial risks” for the council has it has a legal contract to continue the development.

Mark Thomas said the interests of the small number of seniors’ housed in 25 units at the nearby Liston Village had also been undermined by the Roskill Voice action.

“For six years they have unwittingly become part of the Roskill Community Voice political campaign at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to ratepayers. No progress has been made and worry among the residents grows.’”

Thomas said new C&R leadership on both council and the Puketāpapa Local Board will secure our green space and provide our seniors’ with greater certainty.


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