Centrality Launches Bounty Program

Press Release – Centrality

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – 12 September 2019 – Centrality is inviting its developer community to join its efforts in delivering a world-class marketplace of decentralised applications by introducing a new bounty program.

The programme rewards tasks such as bug fixing, feature development, documentation and tutorial creation.

“The program will support Centrality by boosting DApp development and documentation, strengthening its network, CENNZnet, and keeping its community engaged and involved in its development journey,” says Aaron McDonald, CEO and founder of Centrality.

There are currently ten total bounties available. There are three documentation bounties and seven technical bounties.

For more information, and details on each specific bounty available, please visit Centrality’s Medium post on the program available here: https://medium.com/centrality/announcing-the-centrality-bounty-program-58d8a479c8a.

About Centrality

Centrality is a blockchain venture studio that partners with innovators in key industries to create a decentralised peer-to-peer marketplace of applications. Through its platform, consumers can manage everyday tasks and experiences through a blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer infrastructure. Centrality has a growing portfolio with over twenty applications, each working and generating value independently, as well as enabling growth for one another. With a team spanning Auckland, Melbourne, and Singapore, Centrality is equipped to support its customers around the globe in the transition to a blockchain-enabled future worldwide.

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