National’s Election promises are similar to 2017 statements

Press Release – Auckland Chamber of Commerce

9 August 2019

National’s Election promises are similar to 2017 statements BUT….
• Recognises compliance is the number one issue for small medium business (SMEs);

• Asks govt to pay on time “and shouldn’t have to”, said Auckland Business Chamber head Michael Barnett.
Other positive features include:
• The payment guarantee is excellent and recognises cash flow as major concern for SME;
• Identifies that the RMA and the way councils give effect to it is a roadblock; and,
• Calls for a pragmatic approach to infrastructure rather than ideology.
• Repealing fuel tax – a nice idea but not if it slows investments;
• 90-day trial reinstatement is good for all parties; and,
• Accelerated depreciation recognises the cost of a growing business and is positive

“Minimising regulation is a double edge sword but good regulation is the key,” said Barnett.

Altering the retirement age is a good thing and recognises the importance of participation but should have a ceiling, the 2037 timeline to launch will give people plenty of time to prepare.

Also, ceasing the two-class employee when negotiating with a workforce where unions are involved is essential.

Barnett noted that National’s policies aims to rebuild business confidence, which a recent Chamber survey confirmed had plummeted. The issue for some will be how believable they will be, and how they are carried forward will be a test.

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