More than a bit rich for Goff to talk about honesty

Press Release – Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance

19 AUGUST 2019
Ratepayers around Auckland were spitting out their morning coffees listening to Phil Goff’s incredible claims on breakfast radio today that this election is about ‘honesty’ and that Aucklanders can trust him on his promises.

Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance Spokesperson, Jo Holmes, says:

“In 2016 Phil Goff was elected off the back of a promise to keep average rates to 2.5% per year. Instead Mr Goff has introduced new so called ‘targeted rates’ and a new fuel tax which hits the poorest the worst. The fuel tax alone is equivalent to a 9.1 percent rates hike.”

“Phil Goff is trying to convince Aucklanders that he has delivered efficiencies and reigned in rates. Aucklanders are smart enough to look in their wallets and know better.”

In relation to Mr Goff’s promise to buy electric cars for Auckland Council staff, Ms Holmes says:

“This promise is totally out of touch with the realities of Auckland ratepayers. Last month we surveyed our 20,000 members about what they are looking for at this year’s council elections. No-one mentioned paying higher rates to pay for electric cars. Not even one.”


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