Mayoral candidate withdraws his nomination

Press Release – John Lehmann

John Lehmann Mayoral candidate has withdrawn his name from the race.

Lehmann says ”Auckland city is bankrupt, and the council corrupt, and self serving.

Lehmann says he wishes to spend more time on his charity blue sky which deals with middle aged people.

Many of those people have broken lives and emotional issues caused by bureaucrats by from central and local governments.

”We are no longer a kind caring city.

One of the things I would have done is a 1 new law ,2 gone policy”.

”Under the current management it seems the they view people like ATMs, with, a we blow, you pay mindset .

The pressures people are under, shouldn’t be.

Many people give up, crack up or start not caring. They turn off

Tax’s, by laws, compliance, obligations, this, that, and everything in between”.

Ill be throwing my support behind John Tamaheri.

”Ive Dealt with John over a number of years and he’s a good man.

He will ”drain the swamp”.

”It will be good to have a back to basics person at the helm again”.

”Council has forgotten they are there too serve, or maybe its a case of serving would cramp their lifestyle and perks.

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