I Will Never Vote To Poison You

Press Release – Stop Trashing Our Planet

PRESS RELEASE ~ 21 August 19

In the midst of the 6th Great Extinction Event the coalition, STOP Trashing Our Planet is urging voters to take full responsibility for the legacy we are leaving our children.

The coalition stands for a change of direction, away from the egotistical, extravagant, greedy, corporate profiteering, that has increased poverty, homelessness, waste and other pollution: social disintegration, and environmental disasters, and which damages our health and wellbeing: and is driving species to extinction. The world has already lost 50% of wildlife, in the past 40 years and 72% of flying insects in just 27 years., and by 2050 it is predicted that there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans

The candidates champion a comprehensive, viable, ecologically sound, blueprint for kind, healthy, and happy neighbourhoods, growing community from the ground up. Their catch cry is ‘I will never vote to poison you because the simple truth is that if we poison the natural world, we poison ourselves too.’ They say that 80% of chronic diseases have an environmental cause and we simply cannot continue to gamble with our children’s health and the future of ALL life on earth.

The coalition has 7 candidates standing for 13 positions in the elections for 2019 being:

Stephen Torrington ~ Northland DHB

Tricia Cheel ~Auckland Mayor, Waitakere Ward Councillor, & Waitemata DHB

Tracy Livingston ~ Bay of Plenty DHB

Jim Hilton ~ West Coast Regional Council Buller

Ange Murtha Cowan~ Westland District Council ~ Hokitika Ward

Peter Wakeman ~ Christchurch Mayor, Fendalton Ward Councillor & Canterbury DHB

Victoria Bonham ~ Otago District Council Mayor, Vincent Councillor & Community Board

Tricia Cheel, co-founder of STOP Trashing Our Planet, says that the starting point is to immediately lift the burden off the living world of all unnecessary toxic and polluting substances and practices, starting with cruel 1080 poison.

Voters can find out more by visiting the website www.STOP366.wordpress.com

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