Animal Advocates MARCH to call out animal exploitation

Press Release – Vegan Society

What: ‘The Official Animal Rights March Auckland NZ’ March in Auckland CBD
When: Saturday 17 August 2019, 11:30am onwards
Where: Mahuhukiterangi Reserve (beside Spark Arena) 13-19 Mahuhu Crescent, via Queen Street to Myers Park 379 Queen Street

This Saturday, from Mahuhukiterangi Reserve in Auckland’s Downtown, animal advocates and animal sympathists will gather to protest the abuse and exploitation of animals in Aotearoa, to march up the thoroughfare of Queen Street to Myers Park, where experienced activists and leaders will speak.

As part of the international family of marchers for The Official Animal Rights March, Auckland city is first in the world to head the event for New Zealand on 17 August, followed by cities around the world This is the biggest co-ordinated Protest internationally for the treatment and demise of Animals in Aotearoa in our history and worldwide. In August 2018 when New Zealand joined for the first time, statistically there were 28,000 participants from 15 Countries, representing 25 Cities. In August 2019, TOARM currently has 28 Countries, representing 41 Cities enrolled, proving that the global trend to change from animal use for food, goods and human service is increasing remarkably in favour of alternative ethical means.

Health, Animal Rights and Environment (HARE) spokesperson Avalua Tavui said today, “We do not condone any use and exploitation of animals for humans’ self-serving needs, including that of slaughter for consumption, goods and services. Animals are sentient, familial beings and feel pain and emotions just as much as a dog, cat or human. To justify another being’s existence for the sole purpose of one’s own interests amounts to slavery. The time is now for all humans to put conscious thought into whether we would kill animals ourselves in order to eat them, or could we eat something else, not someone, then live happier and actually healthier as a result?”

“It follows then that if animal agriculture is rapidly destroying our waterways and eroding our lands because of effluent runoff, why do we participate in current food production systems?” she said. “What state will New Zealand and other countries’ lands be left in?”

“Animals are exploited for their flesh, skin, fur, by-products, secretions, sport, entertainment, transport, ad nauseum against their consent. There are inherent cruelty cases of slow death by poisoning, trapping, live exporting, factory farming, slaughtering, fur skinning, baiting, torturing, animal testing ad nauseum yet again.”

“When society bombards us with images and marketing campaigns to eat what the masses eat with convenient fast food outlets to do our cooking for us, what are the insidious health outcomes and who benefits the least and who the most? The system is set up for sickness. We consume death, we contract death.”

“We want people to think twice about how that piece of flesh got in its packaging, what did that animal sense when it travelled to the slaughterhouse, who was the employee who had to kill the animal and what is his job like? We also want people to find out what effect does farming have on our environment and what alternative plant based farming choices are available to transition towards with less stress outcomes? There are healthier food options that are better suited to our physiological and mental health systems.”

“If you really care about animals, you shouldn’t be using them.”

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