Regional Facilities Auckland Play Dirty

Press Release – Craig Lord

June 17 2019

Press Release: Craig Lord Mayoral Candidate
After following up on the Western Springs Speedway fiasco, Mayoral Candidate Craig Lord is shocked to find that Regional Facilities Auckland (RFA) is now intent on playing games with the Auckland population.

Earlier this year RFA tried without success to unnecessarily kick Speedway out of Western Springs so they could spend around $91 million to convert it into a test arena as a gift for NZ cricket. Now, speaking with Springs Speedway Promoter Bill Buckley, Lord has found that the issues are still ongoing, somewhat disturbing and becoming untenable.

“They’re simply devious and out of control. Bill has told me that RFA are now making small print changes to the contract. I asked Bill if this is their cunning way to indirectly implement a death kneel to the sport – his response was yes.”

The new conditions include removal of celebratory ‘donuts’ by drivers, no mass starts, and even restrictions on what grass can be driven on. Lord is yet to find out the extent of what this means exactly, but regardless of the finer details the main issue is that RFA are continuing to go about their plans without a care for what the public want.

“When Council tried to kick the sport out earlier this year the public spoke and they backed off. Now they are trying to win the fight by stealth and by playing dirty games. Unfortunately, they have the power to do it. It’s power they shouldn’t have.”

Lord is now even more determined to get into office to sort the Auckland CCO’s.

“How current Mayor Goff can let this sort of thing happen to the constituents is disgraceful. The locals don’t complain about the sport operating at the Springs, the crowds that attend clearly show they want it there, and yet this CCO which is run by non-voted operators has been allowed to continue on with their personal empire building campaign. It has to be changed.”

Lord says if the CCO’s are to remain, then as a minimum Councillors must return to sit on the boards as a voice of the people. He is also adamant that systems need to be put in place to remove the empire building mentality and the self-serving decisions.

“It’s happened at Mt Wellington, it’s happening to an archery club in Franklin, the roller sport community in South Auckland got pushed away, and the Takapuna carpark fight is still ongoing – and there are more. This Mayor has no clue about how badly the Auckland population is being treated by CCO’s. There’s no debate – it’s obvious he doesn’t care.”

“The CCO’s have been copping a lot of flak lately – but they’re self-inflicted wounds. The public have no confidence in them or in the Mayor and it’s going to take a lot of work to restore the faith. But at least he’s proud that a climate emergency has been declared.”

Lord has stated that getting the CCO’s under control for the people is a priority.


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