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Minister’s comments point to grim future for drivers

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

Paul Goldsmith – Transport

20 June 2019
Phil Twyford’s claim that New Zealand has overinvested in roads and motorways shows how out of touch he is with this country’s transport needs, National’s Transport spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

The transport Minister told a Select Committee hearing today that there has been and over-investment in roads and motorways “for decades” in this country.

“Does he think the people crawling along the narrow, winding roads of regional New Zealand in their cars would agree there’s been an over-investment?

“It’s equally unlikely the people wasting their lives away in gridlock on motorways that, in some places, haven’t improved since the 1960s would say the infrastructure is suiting their needs.

“Auckland’s Waterview Tunnel, along with the recent new expressways in Waikato and Kāpiti have been revelations in terms of shaving precious minutes off people’s journeys. Is Mr Twyford saying those investments were a mistake?

“Investing in new, modern public transport systems is important, but it’s possible to do that alongside investment in new, safe road infrastructure, which this Government refuses to do.

“The Government’s highly ideological approach to transport policy is improving the lives of a few, via expensive rail in urban CBDs, at the expense of people living elsewhere.

“Those New Zealanders travelling at a snail’s pace as they head to work or escape town for public holidays will be left scratching their heads at Mr Twyford’s assertion that no more money needs to be spend on them.


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