Grant Gillon and Danielle Grant Announce their Campaign

Press Release – More for the Shore

Grant Gillon and Danielle Grant have today launched an exciting, strong new team to represent the North Shore in Auckland Council.

“We are working together to ensure More for the Shore, to fight for more for our communities,” said Dr. Grant Gillon.

“The issues we face on the North Shore are significant,” said Danielle Grant, “There has been a failure of council to engage with the public, local boards and individuals on many levels. There has been a consistent and demonstrable inability and reluctance to stand up and achieve any meaningful change for our local community.”

This significant and consistent move backwards, coupled with the dire need for a change in attitude at the council table, has led to us uniting together to ask for your vote and become your elected members for the North Shore ward.

“We need to return to accountability, transparency and genuine community consultation,” said Grant Gillon. “We need to tackle the issues that matter – reign in Auckland Transport, sort out traffic, keep rates low, and retain our parkland.”

“We continually talk to large numbers of frustrated local groups and residents who tell us that the Shore has been moving backwards compared to the rest of Auckland,” said Danielle Grant, “We need to keep our money in North Shore assets and services, upgrade our failing facilities, reopen our bush tracks, and invest in our environment.”

Our individual track-records of years of service in the local community and as elected representatives, demonstrate our commitment to the North Shore, as well as our understanding of short and long-term issues. Our representation and engagement with local boards and groups across the North Shore has led to meaningful relationships that have grown over time, based on trust and have delivered real results for our area. We will stand up and achieve More for the Shore.

The team “More for the Shore” is launching on 29th June with a North Shore-wide flyer delivery, new website and new social media presence. A launch party is being held on Sunday 30th June , bringing all our volunteer helpers together.

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