$10.2 million Powerball prize unclaimed

Press Release – New Zealand Lotteries Commission

19 May 2019

Hamilton’s missing millionaire: $10.2 million Powerball prize unclaimed

It may be winter, but now’s the perfect time for Hamilton Powerball players to get stuck into some spring cleaning – there’s a $10.2 million winning Powerball ticket on the loose.

A ticket bought at Whitcoulls The Base in Hamilton won $10.2 million with Powerball on Saturday, but Lotto New Zealand is still waiting for the lucky winner to claim their prize.

The $10.2 million win is the third largest Powerball prize ever won in the area – and the first time a Hamilton ticket has won Powerball so far this year.

With a winning Powerball ticket hiding somewhere in the city, Lotto NZ is urging Hamilton players to dig out their tickets and get checking. So where is the winning ticket likely to be?

“Most big winners keep their Lotto tickets in their purse or wallet – in fact, that’s where almost a quarter of this year’s millionaires tucked their lucky tickets before claiming their prize,” said Kirsten Robinson, Senior Corporate Communications Manager at Lotto NZ.

But some big winners have kept their tickets in some more unique hiding places.

“This year’s millionaires have had some creative hiding places, with winning tickets found everywhere from on the car dash and in the glove box to inside a piano stool and even in an underwear drawer. You never know where this winning ticket could be sitting.”

This is the tenth time that Powerball First Division has been won so far this year, continuing an incredible run of luck for New Zealand Powerball players.

“We’re almost halfway through the year and we’ve already heard some amazing stories from this year’s Powerball winners about how the win will change their lives – and help their local communities.

“We’re sure this win will be just as life-changing from Hamilton’s newest millionaire – all they need to do is claim their prize.”

Anyone who purchased their ticket for the Lotto draw on Saturday 15 June at Whitcoulls The Base should write their name on the back of the ticket and check it immediately at any Lotto outlet, online at MyLotto.co.nz or through the Lotto NZ App.

Players can phone Lotto NZ on 0800 695 6886 if they would like to enquire about the best way to claim a prize.


Powerball First Division wins in 2019

Date Prize Store Location
2 January $22.3 million Inglewood Bookcentre Taranaki
26 January $10 million Feilding Video Centre Feilding
9 February $8 million MyLotto Auckland
16 February $5.5 million MyLotto Christchurch
13 March $11 million Unichem Stortford Lodge Hastings
17 April $16.2 million MyLotto Auckland
24 April $5.3 million MyLotto Auckland
1 May $5.5 million Taipa Foodmarket Taipa
22 May $9.2 million MyLotto Auckland
15 June $10.2 million Whitcoulls The Base Hamilton

Powerball First Division wins in Hamilton, all time

Rank Date Prize Store
1 November 2014 $16.2 million Countdown Hamilton
2 July 2016 $13.3 million MyLotto, Hamilton
3 June 2019 $10.2 million Whitcoulls The Base
4 June 2018 $9.3 million Chartwell Lotto
5 November 2018 $6.3 million Glenview Centre Lotto & Post
6 November 2017 $4.2 million Glenview Centre Lotto & Post


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