Making policy sense of New Zealand’s First Wellbeing Budget

Press Release – AUT University

31 May 2019

Making policy sense of New Zealand’s First Wellbeing Budget

The Policy Fix Podcast – Bite-sized sessions from New Zealand’s best thinkers

Plans outlined in the 2019 Wellbeing budget can only be implemented with the right policy framework. But what is policy all about and why is it so important?

Brought to you by The Policy Observatory at AUT, The Policy Fix is a series of to-the-point interviews with some of Aotearoa’s best thinkers on the issues we face as a country and how we can solve them. The Policy Fix’s first series of four podcasts is on Inequality in Aotearoa.

Inequality – What NZers think – Peter Skilling, Senior Lecturer in Management, AUT

– Marsden-funded research into what New Zealanders think about inequality and the prospects for reducing it.

Economic inequality – Max Rashbrooke, Senior Associate, Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, VUW

– The state of economic inequality in Aotearoa today and a concise run through of his many policy recommendations for fixing the problem.

The injustice of NZ justice – Tracey McIntosh, Professor of Indigenous Studies, University of Auckland

– Inequality in the criminal justice system, the social inequalities that lead to it, and the sweeping changes we need to make as a country.

Homelessness – Shiloh Groot, Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology, University of Auckland

– Homelessness in Aotearoa, the attitudinal problems towards homelessness New Zealanders need to fix, and the wide policy approach necessary to really help.

Our next series is on environmental policy, and our first two episodes are available now:

Solving our freshwater crisis – Mike Joy, Senior Researcher, Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, VUW

– The nature of our freshwater crisis, its historical and political causes, and the policy changes that are needed to improve the situation

Green hydrogen – Kathy Errington, Executive Director, Helen Clark Foundation

– The opportunities of green hydrogen as an export industry and as a tool to eliminate fossil fuel use.

Upcoming podcasts from The Policy Fix will include interviews on the Living Standards Framework and wellbeing economics; Māori rights in natural resources; the future of local government, and more.

The podcasts will be released fortnightly on a Wednesday and can be downloaded here:

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