Gull Kaukaupakaupa First in New Zealand to Be Smoke-Free

Press Release – Gull Petroleum

New Independent Gull Site Is a New Zealand First

Kaukaupakaupa, 22 May 2019 – Brett Peachey and Julie Wakefield announced that with Gull they have launched New Zealand’s first smoke-free site at 1079 Kaipara Coast Hwy, Kaukaupakaupa on State Highway 16 in Auckland’s rural north-west.

This independently operated Gull site is novel for breaking some new firsts for the New Zealand retail petroleum industry.

Co-owner Brett Peachey says they are very pleased to be opening a new site at Kaukapakapa that has been designed from the ground up to be unique.

“Not only is this the first Gull manned site in New Zealand that is going smoke-free, but it also is a distinct building that is in keeping with the Kaukaupakaupa community which is environmentally sustainable and protective of its Maori and early heritage. Our Gull building uses approved materials including wood and is visually like other structures in Kaukapakapa,” says Peachey.

Dave Bodger, GM of Gull New Zealand says the Kaukaupakaupa site is exciting for the vision to be smoke-free and be an integral part of its local community.

“Gull is delighted that Brett and Julie have been courageous enough to say no to cigarettes and tobacco – we support their stance to take a bold stance on what is an important issue of social responsibility. Our operators love where they live and work and by saying no to tobacco, they are driven by wanting to protect the health and wellbeing of the Kaukaupakaupa community which we applaud,” says Bodger.

Bodger also notes that another benefit of not stocking any tobacco at Gull’s Kaukapakapa site is that it means a much lower the risk of ram raids and robberies.

“Gull’s main priority for all its sites, operators and communities around New Zealand is to protect their health and wellbeing first and foremost. We are driven by family and sustainable values and so people including our motorists have always come first – that will never change.”


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