All invited to enjoy Iftar in Mt Roskill

Press Release – Somali Education and Development Trust

Media Release: All invited to enjoy Iftar in Mt Roskill

From: Somali Education and Development Trust

Date: 31/05/2019 at 3:30pm

There will be a community interfaith Iftar event on Friday 31 May at 3:30pm at the New Zealand Islamic Cultural Trust in Mt Roskill. Iftar is the time of day when Muslims end their daily fasting in the month of Ramadan. It includes a large, formal meal. This event is organised by the Somali Education and Development Trust” said by Ibrahim Ali, the chairman of the Trust.

This year, as a result of the Christchurch terrorist attack, it is particularly important that the wider New Zealand public get an understanding of what Islam is – this includes the way we fast and why we fast for Ramadan. It is critical that we build cross-cultural and interfaith understanding of the diverse communities that make up Aotearoa New Zealand. This is why we are so keen to have wider participation for our community Iftar event.”

To maximise the effort, we are co-hosting with Auckland Peace Action and Tamaki Makaurau Anarchists and supported us by New Zealand Muslim Association and New Zealand Islamic Cultural Trust.

We expect to have, Members of Parliament, New Zealand Police, Faith leaders from Church in Progress, Buddhist Council, Bahai Faith and the wider community at this event, all of whom will be delivering messages of tolerance, support and love for the Muslim community. The doors are open for anyone to join us.”

The event begins at 3:30pm. We will have some short speeches, break the fasting with dates and water and Sambusa, this will be followed by a prayer and then a proper meal where we can talk properly and get to know each other.

Iftar is a very important part of our day during Ramadan and it would be a great pleasure to have many non-Muslims there to support us. People do not need to bring anything for the event. Children are welcome, too. Food will be provided for everyone. We ask that people dress modestly and formally for the event.



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