People’s Precinct for Chamberlain Park and more

Press Release – John Tamihere

People’s Precinct for Chamberlain Park, Western Springs and Eden Park

Auckland mayoral candidate John Tamihere has announced that under his leadership Chamberlain Park will remain an 18-hole public golf course, Speedway will stay at Western Springs and Eden Park will be upgraded to cater for all sports and major events.

“Under a Tamihere-Chris Fletcher leadership team, Chamberlain Park – the people’s park – will remain an 18-hole golf course, Speedway will continue at Western Springs until a fit for purpose alternative is available and Eden Park will host more events, making it economically sustainable and not a financial burden on the ratepayer.

“Chamberlain Park is a living organic People’s Centre. People meet there daily, weekly and enjoy each other’s company. Not one blade of grass on Chamberlain Park will be carved up under my watch.”

Tamihere said Western Springs, Chamberlain Park, the Zoo, MOTAT and MOTAT 2 – Sir Keith Park Aviation Display – could ultimately become Auckland’s own Hyde Park or Central Park of the future.

“We must protect these open spaces for our children and grandchildren,” Tamihere said.

He said major sporting bodies had to work together because we can no longer afford the one sport per stadia concept.

“Sports bodies will have to identify how they fit into the stadia facilities we have, and in some cases cohabitate and co-operate with other sports,” he said.

“Eden Park must be utilised – and that means hosting more non sporting events a year.

“Chris Fletcher and I have met the many stakeholders of these facilities and they are delighted to have some certainty for the future.”

Tamihere said lack of city leadership had delivered confusion and angst among ratepayers.

“Until we fully stocktake the assets and look at the pros and cons for all Aucklanders, we have to give certainty, clarity, direction and leadership.”

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