Gull Says No to Jumping on the Easter Price Hike Bandwagon

Press Release – Gull Petroleum

Gull Says No to Jumping on the Easter Price Hike Bandwagon

Gull Keeps Prices Down As Some Oil Giants Jump on the Easter Price Hike Bandwagon

Auckland, 17 April 2019 – Gull, New Zealand’s leading innovative energy retailer, today said that it will continue to keep prices down ahead of Easter despite at least one of the oil giants jumping on the Easter price hike bandwagon and increasing their prices by as much as 7c a litre.

Crystal Feist, Pricing Analyst at Gull says that Easter is all about giving Kiwi motorists a break especially as fuel prices have risen over the last week.

“In parts of New Zealand, we are seeing regular (91) petrol selling for a maximum of $2.309 and diesel selling for a maximum of $1.739 per litre as of today. Gull will not jump on the Easter price hike bandwagon as some of the Oil giants have done already – we want to give Kiwi motorists a break over Easter, so they can do more for less – Easter is about giving not just taking,” says Feist.

Feist confirms that Gull will hold its prices down from today and into the Easter weekend across both Gull operated retail and its unmanned network.

Feist adds that despite the rising cost of commodities and the ever-changing value of the NZ dollar Gull’s overriding aim is to always deliver the best value possible to Kiwi motorists.

“Gull wants our motorists to get out and safely enjoy their trips away with their friends and family over the Easter weekend – we will continue to keep the Oil giants honest and not raise our prices. We don’t have any minimum spend, our low prices are for everyone so let’s all enjoy Easter and the long weekend going into ANZAC Day.”

At the majority of Gull outlets where Gull controls retail prices, average prices are as follows:

Fuel Grade Average Price per litre
Regular (91 octane) $ 2.067
Force 10 (98 octane) $ 2.217
Diesel $ 1.477

In addition, Gull has their lowest pump price at Atiamuri, selling as below:

Fuel Grade Price per litre
Regular (91 octane) $ 1.897
Force 10 (98 octane) $ 2.047
Diesel $ 1.337

All pricing across the entire Gull network is GST inclusive.

Feist says Gull will re-evaluate its prices and make any necessary adjustments on the Tuesday after Easter.


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