World expert on medical cannabis to give public talks

Press Release – David Bearman

World expert on medical cannabis to give public talks in New Zealand

International physician, speaker and expert witness, Dr. David Bearman (M.D), is a U.S based doctor and he has recommended and prescribed cannabis medicine since it was first made legal in 1996. He is coming to New Zealand March 28th- April 5th to launch his new book ‘Cannabis Medicine’ and to share his knowledge with the New Zealand public.

He will demystify the confusion around hemp and cannabis medicine, enlighten people to its uses, the associated harms of prohibition, and facilitate an informed conversation surrounding cannabis medicines.

Dr. Bearman has over 40 year’s experience co-directing substance abuse and treatment programmes and he was a pioneer in the free and community clinic movement in the USA. He co-directed the Haight-Ashbury Drug Treatment Program and was a member of Governor Reagan’s Inter Agency Task Force on Drug Abuse, consulted to Hoffman-LaRoche and was a member of both the Santa Barbara and the San Diego County Drug Abuse Technical Advisor Committees. His contribution has been recognized by the Santa Barbara Medical Society with a Humanitarian Recognition Award.

Dr. Bearman was last in New Zealand in 2017 for a number of speaking engagements.
On this visit, he will be giving four educational seminars across New Zealand in Auckland (March 28, AUT), Golden Bay (March 30, The Village Theatre), Nelson (April 2, The Boathouse) and Christchurch (April 3 & 4 Christchurch Hospital and Christchurch Art Gallery). He will also be meeting with Green Party MP and drug law reform spokesperson, Chlöe Swarbrick, and other interested MP’s.

The New Zealand tour has been organised and funded by three Christchurch friends, Victoria Catherwood, Samantha and Michael Mayell, united in their desire to see cannabis medicine re-legalised after 80 years of prohibition.

Victoria is a 6th year trainee doctor, and the director of ‘Mum Cannabis and Me’, the PledgeMe funded documentary she co-created in 2017 that shares her personal story to encourage doctors to have more informed conversations about cannabis medicine.

Victoria studied with Dr. Bearman at his family practice in Goleta, California in 2018 where she worked as his research assistant completing the references for his book ‘Cannabis Medicine’ and said, “When I was learning from Dr. Bearman’s doctor-patient consults I would listen to their life changing stories. Sometimes it brought tears to my eyes seeing and hearing how much cannabis medicines helped where pharmaceutical medicines had failed and so many had given up hope.”

Michael Mayell, founder of Cookie Time and Nutrient Rescue turned Social Entrepreneur, and his wife Samantha are excited about the potential of hemp (low-THC cannabis) as a medicinal food. Michael says, “Hemp seeds are the most nutritionally complete food on earth, containing all eight essential amino acids, and now they’re legal, we’re on a mission to inspire Kiwis to eat three tablespoons a day for optimal health and wellbeing”.

The trio have worked alongside volunteers to create a website, ‘’, to promote Dr. Bearman’s New Zealand Book Tour.
Public Speaking Engagements

• The official launch of ‘Cannabis Medicine’ will be on the 4th April at the Christchurch Art Gallery Philip Carter Family Auditorium 6-8pm.

• Public Talk: Auckland (28th March 7-9pm, AUT WA220);

• Public Talk: Golden Bay (30th March 2-4pm);

• Public Talk: The Village Community Theatre Takaka), Nelson (2nd April 1-3pm, The Boathouse); and

• Non-book launch: Christchurch (3 April 6-8pm, The Christchurch Hospital University of Otago Christchurch School of Medicine, Rolleston Lecture Theatre).

All events are being hosted by volunteers.
Quotes from Dr. Bearman’s book:

“The endocannabinoid system is the largest neurotransmitter system in the human brain…few or no CB1 receptors are found in the brainstem, which is why no one has ever died as a direct result of cannabis overdose” page 10
“The endocannabinoid system is involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite control, analgesia (pain-mediation ), mood, memory and homeostasis” page 13
“There are over 100 cannabinoids in Cannabis…THC is considered to be the most pharmacologically active constituent in Cannabis sativa…other cannabinoids such as Cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabigerol (CBG) have drawn considerable attention for their therapeutic application.” Page 12
“GW recently completed a study on glioblastoma using 25mg THC and 25mg CBD three times a day. The study group experiences an 83 percent one-year survival rating compared to 53 percent one-year survival rating for those with conventional treatment alone.” Page 29
“Cannabinoids have been shown to have benefit for treating neurodegenerative diseases and movement disorders like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral degeneration, seizure disorder and Alzheimer’s disease.” Page 29

“CBD is often referred to as “non-psychoavtive” but this is scientifically inaccurate. CBD is never intoxicating but is always psychoactive. CBD crosses the blood-brain barrier, alters mood and helps alleviate neurological conditions such as epilepsy.” Page 32
“THC dosage in cannabis cigarettes can… destroy 30% of the available THC. An additional amount is lost to the air and still more is left in the butt so more like 16-17% of that is absorbed…When ingested orally 85% of the THC is metabolised through the liver.” Page 43
“It is difficult to stand on firm ground when determining the appropriate cannabis dosage for a specific condition…This does not mean cannabis should not be utilised as a medicine because we do know enough about dosing” page 47
“Research from Noyes et al. in the 1970s found that 20mg of THC was the therapeutic equivalent of 60mg of codeine.” Page 48
Dr. Bearman’s book is available online:…/…/1883423554

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