Refugees call for all religions and ethnicities

Press Release – Aotearoa Resettled Community Coalition

Refugees call for all religions and ethnicities in NZ to come together in support of each other

The attacks on the Muslim community in Christchurch show that now is the time for everyone from all ethnicities and religions to come together.

The Aotearoa Resettled Community Coalition (ARCC) is deeply saddened and shocked by the attack on two mosques in Christchurch.

The ARCC provides support to new residents, former refugee communities and humanitarian migrants in the Auckland region and is helping community members affected by this tragedy.

Abann Yor, General Manager of ARCC, says that what’s happened in Christchurch is not reflective of New Zealand’s shared values. “These were cowardly acts targeting people attending Friday prayers in a country that respects their right to practice their religion. New Zealand is a safe space for many refugees and humanitarian migrants, this shooting is not something we can’t tolerate, and we will be standing with those affected by it”, said Abann.

“The diversity of communities living in New Zealand is our greatest strength, and we join the widespread condemnation of these cowardly acts.”

Mr Yor is calling for people of all ethnicities and religions to be calm and to care for one another, “Not matter where people are from, what religion they practice, whether they are born here or not, we need to come together in solidarity with the victims and with each other. We have to work together to overcome this. Now is the time to come together. Our hearts are with the Muslim community in New Zealand.”


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