recognised as ‘Most Innovative’

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. is honored to receive the International Air Transport New 2019 award for ‘Most Innovative Airline Software Company’.

As airlines face a multitude of pressures, innovations that drive down cost, increase performance, and deliver disruptive competitive differentiation are central to success.

“Over 800,000 pilots and crew worldwide must be optimized to deliver the necessary paradigm shift in airline performance and this is what gets us excited every day. With 5-15% crew performance savings translating to millions of dollars annually, this is a significant opportunity in an industry doing more with less. is proud to be recognized by our peers for our innovation leadership.” says Mark McCaughan, CEO of

“Many of our customers have realized that the key to success is brilliant decision-making. Our cloud-based solutions provide a powerful data store for all crew decisions, and our optimization analytics are unleashing insights that take performance to the next level.” is thrilled to be recognized as Most Innovative Software Company in this International Air Transport award. From our conception we have focused on addressing highly complex airline challenges,” he said.

“In the last couple of years our optimization software has helped ensure that the right crew, with the right qualifications are perfectly aligned with the flight roster. This ‘roster and pairings’ optimization uses the power of elastic cloud computing and delivers results faster than our competitors.”

“With significant airline crew shortages over the coming years, improving the efficiency and satisfaction of crews can have significant bottom-line and operational impacts,” Mr McCaughan said.

Airlines from all over the world will be furthering innovation at the inaugural Airline Performance Summit April 2—4 in Auckland. The summit will focus on how airlines can drive performance improvements through advances in optimization software such as pairing and rosters optimization, workforce planning, and disruption avoidance and recovery.

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