Southseas Celebrates 20 Years Helping Sth Auckland Families

Press Release – South Seas Healthcare Trust – SSHT

Southseas Celebrates 20 Years Helping South Auckland Families

“We’ve come a long way,” says SouthSeas Healthcare CEO Silao Vaisola-Sefo.

“As we celebrate this milestone, we reflect on the numerous achievements, experiences and relationships we have had along the way. We have enjoyed our journey and the significant results delivered. As we celebrate our 20th year, we turn our focus to the journey ahead.”

Over the last two decades, SouthSeas Healthcare has helped drive the evolution of Pacific healthcare and empowered hundreds of families who need more support in South Auckland to enrol as patients.

“Since SouthSeas inception in 1999, we have achieved a lot as an organisation, our programme and services have expanded as have our staff numbers, and we have helped many families and residents of South Auckland. We have a lot to celebrate for what we have achieved in the last 20 years and we are delighted to have reached this milestone” says Silao.

“I am personally very pleased to mark this special event, for 20 years of excellent service is no easy feat. Given the significance of SouthSeas’ history and the stories we have to tell, we are deeply proud of the SouthSeas journey”.

“I am extremely proud of the journey and very honoured to be leading SouthSeas at this important milestone. We now provide a wide range of services to help improve the lives of our South Auckland families and communities by helping our patients get the medicines, knowledge and cultural support they need.”

“Our staff have been and will always be at the centre of SouthSeas Healthcare. Providing an exciting place to work where staff can develop and grow has always been extremely important to me,” says Silao.

“All of our staff are absolutely committed to the health and wellbeing of our Pacific communities. We also cherish the relationships we have with all the families and individuals who trust us and welcome us into their lives.”

“Sharing the journey and looking forward to another 20 years is our mission. It has been a wonderful 20 years. The next 20th anniversary will be even better.”

SouthSeas Healthcare will host a celebratory event for its 20th birthday at Te Puke o Tara Community Hall in Otara this evening, Saturday 9 February 2019.

The event will acknowledge the founding members and previous CEOs of SouthSeas Healthcare as well as long-serving staff members, and to express gratitude to the South Auckland community and funders who have played such a vital role to SouthSeas these past 20 years.


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