Family memorabilia found on Auckland motorway

Press Release – NZTA

14 February 2019
A wartime letter of condolence from King George V1 was lost on an Auckland motorway earlier this month.

The letter was in a box of photos, records and other family memorabilia found by a maintenance crew on SH16 (westbound) just before Rosebank Road on Sunday February 3.

“The box was found in a live lane so must have dropped from a passing vehicle that had either come from the city centre or through the Waterview Tunnel,” says Auckland Operations Manager Rua Pani.

“It’s a brown box with gold inlay. Fortunately, it didn’t spring open and have the contents blown away by the wind.”

“So far, our efforts to track down the owner of the box have been unsuccessful, but we do want this story to end happily.”


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