How Business Chamber sees Eden Park

Press Release – Auckland Business Chamber

10 January 2018

Media Release

How Business Chamber sees Eden Park

Either Auckland gives Eden Park a more flexible and realistic operating framework and allows it to generate a sustainable amount of revenue or it continues to constrain it.

“If it chooses to constrain the venue’s capability to generate revenue then there is obviously a cost which the city must carry,” said Business Chamber head Michael Barnett.

The city should also determine from good data whether it is constraining the park to suit a vocal minority or in the interest of all Auckland, said Barnett.

It is work Auckland Council should lead with speed and urgency.

Barnett was commenting on a NZ Herald report by consultants EY indicating a bleak future for Eden Park in which cash flow is not expected to improve over the next two years to meet interest payments on loans of about $47m with no money available for new turf, floodlights and giant video screens needed for big occasions.

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