Auckland veterinarian suspended for 9 months

Press Release – Veterinary Council of NZ

11 Jan 2019

Auckland veterinarian suspended for 9 months

An Auckland veterinarian has had his registration suspended for 9 months for being aggressive and intimidating towards a junior veterinarian working for him, and for not cooperating with the investigation carried out by the body responsible for maintaining high standards for the veterinary profession.

Dr William Baird, the owner of Great South Vets, appeared before the Judicial Committee of the Veterinary Council of New Zealand in June last year. He was charged with being aggressive and threatening towards a junior veterinarian who he employed on three occasions. He also failed to cooperate when the Veterinary Council began an investigation into his conduct.

The Veterinary Council found Dr Baird guilty of professional misconduct.

‘The established misconduct presented a bleak picture of the way in which Dr Baird conducted himself with colleagues and clients in the course of his practice as a veterinarian’, the Veterinary Council said.

It decided that a 9-month suspension of Dr Baird’s registration was necessary to protect the public interest.

‘An order of suspension sends a strong message to the public and the veterinary profession, including young graduates, that Dr Baird’s conduct is not acceptable under any circumstances, and will not be tolerated’, said the Veterinary Council’s Registrar, Iain McLachlan. ‘We at the Council have a duty to make sure that all vets in New Zealand keep to the high standard of the profession, in every aspect of their work.’

If Dr Baird returns to practising as a veterinarian after his suspension, the Veterinary Council will place conditions on his practice for two years. Dr Baird will be required to take training in human resources and anger management skills, and take part in a mentoring programme.

The full decision of the Judicial Committee is available on the Veterinary Council of New Zealand’s website:

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