Results from Day 1 of the New Zealand Roller Derby Top 10

Press Release – Dead End Roller Derby

Christchurch Dead End Derby to host and defend Top 10 Champs title this weekend,
Results from Day 1 of the New Zealand Roller Derby Top 10 Champs – Dead End Derby progress to Cup Final vs Pirate City Roller Derby

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First day of the New Zealand Roller Derby Top10 Tournament brings fast-paced action and a final between the top North and South Island teams
Tomorrow’s tournament final between Dead End Derby Christchurch Rollergirls and Auckland’s Pirate City Roller Derby at 4pm will be a closely contested bout. Both teams are considered to be amongst the best in New Zealand. So the final will not be a roll-over by any means.

Last year, Pirate City Rollers were busy participating in an international tournament and so missed the Top 10 Champs. This year will see a big North-South battle that will be fast paced and keenly fought by these competitive leagues.

Saturday, the first day of the tournament had a gruelling schedule of 6 games in order to decide who would compete for the Cup and Shield Division of the New Zealand Roller Derby Top 10 Champs.

The final scores were:
Game 1: DD – Dunedin Derby 169, Moana Roller Derby 163
Game 2: Swamp City Roller Derby 218, Sulphur City Steam Rollers124
Game 3: Dead End Derby 288, Auckland Roller Derby League (ARDL) 99
Game 4: Bay City Rollers 286, Dunedin Derby 96
Game 5: Pirate City Rollers 260, Richter City Roller Derby 88
Game 6: Whakatāne Roller Derby League 196, Swamp City 153
Sun 14th October -Doors Open 7.30am – Games start 8am-4pm (inclusive)

Cowles Stadium Christchurch

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