Protect the Entrust Dividend – Vote C&R

Press Release – Citizen and Ratepayers

Protect the Entrust Dividend – Vote C&R

Voting for all 5 of the C&R team is the only way to protect Entrust and keep the $350 dividend in consumer hands.

Our track record of delivering a strong dividend to people living in the Entrust district speaks for itself – under C&R control, the dividend has increased from $148 to $350 in 2018, and over the past three years over 331,000 people living in the Entrust district have received over $1,000, C&R candidate Alastair Bell says.

Our team has a mix of relevant skills including strong commercial skills, financial, accounting, legal (including Trust law) and an understanding of the complex electricity industry, C&R candidate Mike Buczkowski says.

The C&R team will not sell down Entrust shares, will not sell down Vector’s assets, will not wind-up Entrust early and will not undertake any type of privatisation, C&R candidate William Cairns says.

Any suggestion to the contrary is scaremongering – C&R is 100% committed to the current ownership model, committed to returning strong dividends to the Entrust district, and to keeping Entrust out of Council hands!, C&R candidate Paul Hutchison says.

We will keep Entrust’s 75.1% shareholding of Vector and the dividends in consumer hands. If the C&R team is re-elected, the current position of Entrust beneficiaries is guaranteed, C&R candidate Karen Sherry says.

More details about individual C&R candidates and what we stand for can be found on our website

The election takes place between 11 – 26 October, by postal ballot. Each person with a power or gas bill in the Entrust district will get a vote.


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