Organise Aotearoa condemns NZDF culture of abuse

Press Release – Organise Aotearoa


PRESS RELEASE: Organise Aotearoa
Organise Aotearoa condemns war crimes, culture of sexual abuse and coverups in NZDF
A North & South magazine article released today details the New Zealand Defence Force’s (NZDF) involvement in war crimes, and reveals a culture of sexual abuse and homophobia.
Organise Aotearoa, a new socialist organisation, condemns this behaviour. “Nicky Hager’s story provides chilling details about a toxic culture and disregard for human life in the NZDF,” says Organise Aotearoa spokesperson James Roberts.
“We are concerned about the war crimes committed by an NZDF medic in Afghanistan.” The medic, according to Hager’s reporting, breached the Geneva Conventions by engaging in a gunfight, killing two children.
“Instead of court-martialing this Officer, the NZDF awarded him a bravery medal. The disregard for human life clearly extends all the way to the top of the NZDF,” says Roberts.
“Hager’s report also demonstrates a culture of sexual abuse and homophobia in the NZDF. Toxic masculinity, male entitlement, and rape culture are clearly rampant in the NZDF.”
Organise Aotearoa is also concerned about the NZDF’s alleged attempts to cover up sexual abuse and war crimes. “It seems the NZDF would rather just make these issues go away than properly investigate them,” says Roberts.
“Without accountability, these issues will continue the plague the NZDF.”
Organise Aotearoa is encouraging the public to attend rallies outside NZDF offices to condemn this culture of violence. A picket will be held outside NZDF offices on Great North Road in Auckland at 12:30pm on Tuesday, and in Wellington at William Colenso Square on Molesworth Street at 4:30pm on Wednesday.

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