Kama sutra funding typifies Local Board excesses

Press Release – Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance


Kama sutra funding typifies Local Board excesses


Funding for kama sutra exemplifies some Local Boards’ frivolous approach to ratepayer money, says the Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance.

Ratepayers’ Alliance spokesperson Jo Holmes says, “When Auckland Council claims it needs more money, we can find out whether the claim stacks up by looking at how it’s already spending our money.”

“We weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry when we were tipped off to a grant given by the Waitemata Local Board to a kama sutra ‘School of Sex’ production.”

“Obviously, a $300 grant is a drop in the ocean of a local board’s budget. But the Board’s approval of such a frivolous grant suggests a wider culture of disregard for ratepayer interests, or even that Local Boards are overfunded.”

“Kama sutra is not core council business. This kind of event funding should be first on the chopping block if Phil Goff ever intends to keep his promise of cutting wasteful spending.”


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