Safer speeds to prevent unnecessary deaths

Press Release – Movement

Safer speeds to prevent unnecessary deaths

Proposals to implement safer speeds in Auckland have the support of the MOVEMENT, a national coalition of organisations supporting safe active transport.

Spokesman and transport planner, Bevan Woodward says: “We fully support Auckland Transport’s initiative to introduce safer speeds on our roads. It’s obvious to most people that 100 km/h on our undivided narrow rural roads is unsafe. Likewise we need to follow international best practice and lower urban speed limits around schools, town centres and community facilities.

We can never build our way out of congestion, so we must give people the choice to walk or cycle which coupled with public transport enables people to leave their cars at home. Less cars equals less traffic congestion, air pollution, emissions and health issues. So it’s clear we need to do all we can to support safer walking and cycling in Auckland. Safer traffic speeds is the single most effective tool for this and it costs little to implement.

A city which is not safe for children to walk or cycle to their local school is not a liveable city, hence we commend AT for their initiative. We know that there will be some naysayers but given Auckland’s totally unacceptable road safety situation, not implementing safer speeds simply means more Aucklanders unnecessarily killed on our roads.”


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