Palmy Peace Group to Oppose Weapons Expo

Press Release – Peace Action Network

15 Aug 2018

“Peace Action Manawatū will coordinate opposition to the annual NZ Defence Industry Association Forum due to come to Palmerston North in late October.”

“This ‘Weapons Expo’ is a meeting of 500 of global armaments manufacturers and dealers. Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest arms dealer and a maker of nuclear weapons, has been the primary sponsor of this trade fair for many years and other weapons companies represented include General Dynamics, Thales, Cubic Defence and Serco.

These are the companies that profit from militarisation and war which lead to human suffering, death and destruction of our planet. We are not prepared to sit idly by when this obscene showcasing of weapons comes to our community.” said Peace Action Manawatū spokesperson Dr Fred Hirst.

Last year, Wellington’s Mayor Justin Lester vowed not to allow City Council venues to be used in future for this industry trade fair because of increased opposition. After being held for 20 years in the capital, it is no longer welcome in the Peace City.

“Palmerston North’s Mayor Grant Smith has dismissed our concerns” said Hirst. “The Weapons Expo is booked into the Central Energy Trust Arena, a PNCC venue, despite our Peace City status, and contrary to the Council’s ethical investment policy which excludes weapons. We will build our campaign over the next three months and invite people to help stop this unethical, immoral trade promoting proliferation of weapons, nationally and across the globe.”

The global pattern of increasingly frequent, violent and destructive weather events, associated with climate change, is accelerated by raised greenhouse gas emissions due to military activity. The environmental impact is suffered by the 65 million people displaced from their homes world-wide, including refugees and vulnerable Pacific Island neighbours who are threatened by sea level rise.

Peace Action Manawatū will be supported by Peace Action Wellington and Auckland Peace Action, who have long campaigned against the Weapons Expo. An invitation is extended to those who share similar concerns to attend a week of peace themed events in October.


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