Writers Congregate For First Auckland Mid-Winter Write-in

Press Release – Julie Warmington

Writers Congregate For First Ever Auckland Mid-Winter Write-in
Writing is usually a downright solitary business – but it doesn’t have to be.

Announcing the first ever BIG Mid-Winter Write-In (July 15) – a one-day group writing session for writers en masse.

How exactly does a write-in work?

As writing coach and organiser Kathryn Burnett, puts it – participants arrive with their project, their tools of choice and they write. But it’s not all blistered fingers and slog – participants can also expect creativity expanding exercises, socialising and coffee breaks.

Burnett created the BIG Mid-Winter Write-In because she knows that carving out focused writing time is one of the biggest obstacles to writers achieving their goals.

“People are busy! Writers constantly tell me that their two biggest obstacles to achieving their goals are staying motivated and carving out time to write when there’s just so much competing for their time.”

She also knows first-hand that writing alongside other writers is inspiring and surprisingly productive.

“Some writers love and need solitude but I love company and I find working in a group all doing the same thing incredibly energising.”

Kathryn Burnett is an award-winning professional screenwriter, playwright and writing coach who delights in creatively inspiring others. She has worked in the arts industry for 25 years and has most recently been working on new TVNZ black comedy “Fresh Eggs.” She was a recent 2018 recipient of the NZWG Seed Advanced Grant and currently has two feature film projects in development – one with “Shrek” director Andrew Adamson.

Big Mid-Winter Write-In Details

Where: Auckland CBD

When: All-day Sunday July 15th

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