Police pleased with settlements cheating service case

Press Release – New Zealand Police

“Police pleased with settlements in case against Auckland cheating service”

Please attribute to Detective Senior Sergeant Chris Allan, Northern Asset Recovery Unit and Money Laundering Team

Police acknowledge the High Court in Auckland’s approval of several settlements in the case involving the alleged cheating service provider Assignment4U, operated by husband and wife couple Steven Li and Fan Yang.

As a result of civil proceedings brought by the Commissioner of Police against Mr Li, Ms Yang and several of their family members, a total of $2.2 million will be forfeited to the Crown under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009.

The last remaining settlements were reached during the first week of the four week trial and are without any admission of liability or wrongdoing.

The police investigation into Assignment4U spanned over a five-year period and was assisted by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. Police also received excellent assistance and co-operation from Chinese Law enforcement authorities.

Police were first alerted following an investigation by the Sunday Star Times, which identified Assignment4U as an assignment writing service for students attending New Zealand universities and other tertiary institutions.

Assignment4U used a network of tutors to write assignments for students.

Students paid for the cheating service and could request either an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade assignment.

Detective Senior Sergeant Chris Allan from the Northern Asset Recovery Unit says the settlements are a successful outcome following years of work on the complex investigation by dedicated police staff.

“This case demonstrates how effective the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act is in recovering proceeds of crime and serves to highlight our determination to investigate and disrupt any criminal activities which impact on our community. This investigation reflects that Police are commited to seeking out and confiscating the profits of crime even when there might be insufficient evidence to commence a criminal prosecution. Police encourage the public to report persons who have or are accumulating wealth from crime”

“We also want to acknowledge the journalists who originally exposed Assignment4U, as their actions led directly to our investigation.”


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