One public transport ticket to ride for NZ on the cards

Press Release – Project NEXT

18 June 2018
The journey to make it easier to pay for your bus, train and ferry is a step closer today with local and internationally based organisations being invited to register their interest in providing a next generation, national public transport ticketing solution for New Zealand.The invitation was issued by Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) on behalf of the Project NEXT group which is managing the project and is comprised of GWRC, Auckland Transport, Environment Canterbury, the nine regional councils who provide public transport services in New Zealand and the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Wayne Hastie, Chair of the Project Steering Group and General Manager Public Transport GWRC, says: “The proposed national solution offers a vastly improved customer experience to what we have today. It will give customers the ability to pay for their public transport in most places in New Zealand using their mobile phone, credit or debit card, or a single nationally issued transit card.

“We live in a time of rapidly changing and expanding technology choices available to people. Ease of payment for public transport is an area where customer preferences and expectations are increasing rapidly. New Zealanders expect to be able to choose how they pay for their transport choices.

“Currently there are approximately 16 different ticketing systems operating in New Zealand which are costly to maintain and provide little choice in the way passengers pay for their travel. We’ve found a way of working together that provides a more consistent national experience, while still allowing each area to set its own fares. The larger scale procurement will also save money through economies of scale and avoiding duplication of investment”, says Dr Hastie.

With a national public transport ticketing solution, New Zealand will join a small list of countries in the world such as the Netherlands and Switzerland in providing an integrated public transport solution throughout the country.

Wellington will be the first area to see the new ticketing from 2021, with other parts of the country joining over a 5 year period.


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