Mayor Goff fails to live up to election promise

Press Release – Democracy Action

Mayor Goff fails to live up to election promise of more transparency in Council
13 JUNE 2018
Pro democracy group Democracy Action applauds the Auckland councillors who have penned a letter of no confidence in mayor Phil Goff. The Chair of Democracy Action, Lee Short, says:

“The nine councillors are to be congratulated for standing up for open and transparent governance. It is unacceptable that they have not been given full and open access to the PwC report on the proposed new downtown stadium for Auckland.”

“Access to information is crucial for councillors to make informed decisions. It is unacceptable that the Mayor should treat the people’s representatives in such a high-handed way.”

“The Mayor promised to restore confidence in council by acting in a more responsible and transparent manner. If he no longer wishes to live up to his election promise, he should step down.”


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