NZ Sculpture OnShore announces exhibiting artists for 2018

Press Release – Sculpture OnShore

NZ Sculpture OnShore, New Zealand’s largest and longest running outdoor sculpture exhibition, has announced its exhibition line-up for this year with the added bonus of an extra weekend.

Running from Nov 3 – 18 at iconic Fort Takapuna overlooking Rangitoto and the Gulf, there are now three family-friendly weekends where visitors are invited to connect, interact and be inspired by a snapshot of contemporary sculpture from some of New Zealand’s leading practitioners.

The event is the largest fundraiser for New Zealand Women’s Refuges in the country, each year returning its’ profits to be used to support refuges nationwide.

Curators Anna Hanson and Ross Liew say their curatorial vision is to create moments of intimacy and discovery as people navigate their way around the breathtaking hilltop reserve.

“What’s immediately apparent about this exhibition is the unique nature of the site. With its military history, the Fort, gun emplacements and other structures, it also presents some real challenges. The expansive spaces can easily swallow even large sculptural works. We’re interested in building an intuitive narrative between the works and the topography,” says Anna.

The 2018 shortlist includes a diverse range of sculptural practice from all over New Zealand, selected from nearly 300 submissions. There is a diverse range of works again this year, including performative and interactive works, sculptures that reflect social issues important to New Zealanders as global citizens.

This year’s event promises to be a fully immersive experience for the whole family with a powerful message at its heart – more details to be released closer to the event.

“There are great examples of artists whose work speaks to many of the challenges faced in contemporary New Zealand society. They are socially conscious and engaged practitioners who will be reflecting on the nature of the work that New Zealand Women’s Refuges carries out,” says Anna.

“Exhibitions don’t just land here at Fort Takapuna, they are crafted in the studios of artists all around the country at great expense and often sacrifice, the efforts of the contributing artists are incredible and we are fortunate to have this event as an opportunity to see them.” says Ross.

Anna Hanson adds, “The 2018 exhibit promises to be another fantastic showcase of New Zealand’s sculptural talent, and we are grateful to all who put in the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. This includes the artists of course but also the extensive volunteer base that makes it all possible in the first place.”
For a full list of the exhibiting artists and more information on NZ Sculpture OnShore, visit:

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