Librarians concerned about closure of Music Library

Press Release – IAML NZ

Librarians concerned about closure of Music Library at the University of Auckland

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Press Release: IAML NZ
Music Librarians are concerned about the effect library closures and staffing reorganisations will have on students and staff.

Access to important music collections and specialist music library staff may be at risk, IAML NZ warned today.

A current review of the Creative Arts and Industries Libraries at the University of Auckland includes recommendations to close the Music & Dance Library, alongside the recommended closure of the Fine Arts and Architecture & Planning Libraries. A separate review also proposes removing the specialist subject librarian service which supports these libraries. These suggested changes have not proven popular with either students or teaching staff of the faculty since submissions opened.

In their submission to the review committee the Executive of IAML NZ, the New Zealand branch of the International Association of Music Libraries, expressed concern about the situation:

“Because of the importance of the physical collection to the study of music, it is important that the collections remain intact and not be located offsite, particularly the scores collection. It is essential that University staff and students be able to examine and compare this material easily.”

“The Auckland music collection is a resource of national importance and has supported other University Libraries and the National Library collection at various times, particularly during earthquake rebuilds.”

Equally, specialist staffing in managing a music collection and providing a music service is a vital resource for the students and staff. The experienced and knowledgeable Music Library staff are highly valued by your internal staff and students, as they are by other libraries, even internationally.”

In summary
“The Auckland University music library collection and staff are a major national resource and should be respected as such.”

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