International alcohol reduction expert coming to NZ

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International alcohol reduction expert coming to NZ
to help Kiwis halve their drinking habits

It’s Friday night, the end of an arduous week at work. You’ve already had a couple of beers or a few glasses of wine – but do you really need another one? A common scenario for many people who struggle saying no to that extra glass.

The good news is that help is on its way.

Renowned international alcohol reduction expert, clinical hypnotherapist and author Georgia Foster will be in Auckland and Weellington on 18 and 19 August, delivering her seminars that have resulted in thousands of people around the world lessen their dependence on alcohol and enjoy social drinking without over-imbibing.

Unlike many other programmes the word “quit” is not in Georgia’s vocabulary, preferring to use the word “reduction”. She says the course is not designed for alcoholics but for people who recognise their drinking behaviour interferes with their lives in negative ways.
“The goal of my work is to mindfully reduce by half of what a person generally drinks. Even if they drink a lot, this is still very inspiring. All of us can learn to manage alcohol and retrain our habits rather than give it up entirely. It’s about drinking to enjoy, rather than to escape our lives.
“We need to calm down our emotional over-drinking behaviour. I used to be overweight and a very heavy, regular drinker who used food and alcohol as a way to escape my insecurities. I successfully retrained my mind and body to feel better about myself through the power of self-hypnosis techniques which I am happy to share with others.”

Georgia has been working in London since 1995 and her latest book, The Drink Less Mind, has sold more than 25,000 copies and her seminars, online programmes and in-clinic sessions have seen celebrities, musicians, entrepreneurs and politicians seeking her help with controlling their alcohol intake. She has been featured in London’s Sunday Times, Guardian, Good Housekeeping and Cosmopolitan and regularly appears on Sky News and Australia’s The Morning Show.

“My approach is progressive rather than regressive. In other words, I believe that it is important to understand a little bit of history but, more importantly, to train the mind to move on.

“My seminars will help build coping strategies and stop the chemical reaction taking place in our brains telling us we want another drink. It can be challenging for some but clinical hypnosis is an easier method to make emotional change.”

Recently Georgia relocated back to her native Australia, residing in Melbourne with her husband and three-year-old triplets. Some would say having triplets is enough to drive anyone to drink but Georgia practices what she preaches.

“I still eat chocolate and drink wine with dinner. I help people to find their middle ground.”

Georgia will be in New Zealand in August to deliver two public seminars:

Saturday 18 August, 10am-3.45pm at the Adina Apartment Hotel, Britomart in Auckland.
Sunday 19 August, 10am-3.45pm at the Copthorne Hotel, Oriental Bay in Wellington.

Seminar participants will learn:
• The power of mind and how it can hold you back from reducing your drinking.
• What the neuro-scientists call ‘neuro-plasticity’ and how it can help you drink less.
• The amazing inner dialogue psychology.
• What ‘drinking personalities’ hold you back from drinking in healthier ways and meet the one that can!
• Future techniques to train your mind how to continue to drink in a paced way.
• Top liver cleansing tips.
• Four LIVE group hypnosis sessions.

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