IAG New Zealand reviews repairer network

Press Release – IAG New Zealand

IAG New Zealand has reviewed its repairer network to ensure standards are consistently being met around:

Health & Safety

Equipment & Training

Repair quality

Customer experience

“With the increasing complexity in materials and technology systems evident in modern day vehicles, it’s important to partner with repairers who can achieve high standards for our customers,” says IAG’s General Manager for Claims Services Dean MacGregor.

“With increasing volumes of vehicles being seen on our roads, the review also provided the opportunity to address where more repairers are required to meet increasing demand.

“During the past three years, IAG has seen significant increases in repair volumes.

“Record immigration, a strong economy and booming tourism have all given rise to more vehicles on our roads and more kilometres travelled, which directly relates to the number of accidents occurring.

“These factors have been most significant in Auckland, resulting in increased demand for collision repair services and leading to increased wait times for customers.”

Key outcomes

Repair network proposed to increase from 283 to 304

Gold status repairers to increase from 53 to 64

42 new repairers to be added to the network

“We have also taken the opportunity to review repairer labour and paint rates and as a result the labour rate will increase on average 5.3% for the majority of IAG repairers and 3.1% for paint,” MacGregor says.

“The review has also taken account of industry feedback that increasing labour and overhead costs are a significant challenge in Auckland and Queenstown. As a result, IAG will be introducing differentiated labour rates in these areas.”

Changes are effective 1 July 2018.


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