Councillors fail to hold Mayor to his promises

Press Release – Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance


31 May 2018
The Councillors who today passed the regional fuel tax failed should have instead held Phil Goff to his pre-election commitment to find 3-6% in savings in the Council budget, says the Auckland Ratepayers Alliance.

Ratepayers Alliance spokesperson Jordan Williams says “When Phil Goff campaigned on finding 3-6 percent efficiencies across the Council budget, we committed to holding him to this promise. If the Mayor had done his job and delivered those savings, the fuel tax would not be needed.”

“The Councillors that voted for the fuel tax should have held the Mayor to account for his campaign promise, rather than heaping more financial burden onto already squeezed ratepayers.”

“This tax will hurt the city’s poorest the most. Families that commute to work from the outer suburbs and struggle to make ends meet will feel abandoned by this Council.”


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