Rugby field extension of Halsey Wharf remains unacceptable

Press Release – Stop Stealing Our Harbour

Stop Stealing Our Harbour

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Rugby field extension of Halsey Wharf remains “totally unacceptable”

Stop Stealing Our Harbour cannot support a 45 x 220 metre extension of Halsey Wharf out into the Waitemata Harbour, spokesman Michael Goldwater said today.

Mr Goldwater was commenting on the latest proposal for the America’s Cup Village being pushed by Emirates Team New Zealand boss Grant Dalton.

“Team New Zealand’s latest proposal calls for a rugby field wharf extension,” Mr Goldwater said.

“We do not build rugby fields out into our harbour for our world champion All Blacks and we should not do so for Team New Zealand.

“It remains totally unacceptable.”

However, Mr Goldwater said his supporters are encouraged that the debate is moving on.

“Emirates Team New Zealand has now accepted that Wynyard Point has space for five challenger bases,” he said.

“We can support a single base on the western end of Halsey Wharf for a permanent home for Emirates Team New Zealand in front of the Viaduct Events Centre.

“That would not require the rugby-field-sized wharf extension – and it would also create the wonderful America’s Cup Village concept envisaged by Grant Dalton that we and many Aucklanders wholeheartedly support.”

Mr Goldwater said there should be no talk of any temporary solutions for the America’s Cup Village.

“We back Emirates Team New Zealand to retain the Cup which means there can be no talk of ‘temporary’ structures. Let’s hope Team New Zealand can keep the Cup longer than they did the last time they won it, a generation ago.”

“The Wynyard Point America’s Cup Village will be a fantastic asset for the marine industry, for all Aucklanders and all New Zealanders. We are confident that common sense will prevail and all parties can work together to find a solution we can all be proud of.”


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