Giant Sisters launches ahead of International Women’s Day

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Giant Sisters launches ahead of International Women’s Day
Giant Sisters celebrates and shares phenomenal women’s voices and stories in their own words as bite sized podcasts available on iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube.Throughout history most women’s and girl’s stories were not documented and saved. Even great achievements, discoveries, inventions, and acts of bravery have been omitted from our recorded history.

The idea of celebrating women’s stories and the DNA of Giant Sisters has really been with me all of my life. The irony that my name is Jo Brothers is not lost on me. In fact, so many people have expected a man to turn up to appointments with my name and still I check into hotels and the welcome message on the plasma screens reads “welcome Mr Brothers”. I look around, no my father is not with me, so what were they thinking? oh ok that made an assumption that I am male. So the universe has sent me these types of messages all my life to perhaps make me aware that we live in a world that has seen an under representation of women’s stories and achievements.

“I have often thought I wonder what a conversation with … insert the name of any phenomenal woman in history you can think of … then pause and wonder about all the other phenomenal women of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, educational backgrounds, including anyone who identified as a woman, from around the world whom we do not know about as their stories were never recorded or if they were they may have been called by the name “- anonymous”. “- says Jo Brothers

So I decided to change that and started recording phenomenal women’s stories in their words, their thoughts, their hopes, their dreams, their voices.
All stories have a unique message and can be a range of exquisite, amazing, brave, bold, strong, courageous, determined, gritty, unfair, soft, nurturing, phenomenal, stories to share with each other and the world.

So far podcast interviews with phenomenal women include;
• Alayna Van Dervort – Tech for Social Impact Project Manager Ai | ML | VR | AR + Art at Amazon
• Dame Wendy Pye DNZM MBE – CEO and owner of Wendy Pye Publishing,
• Vicki Taylor – Creative Director at Taylor and the Shelter
• Tui Te Hau – General Manager at Mahuki Innovation Hub of Te Papa
• Theresa Gattung CNZM – co-founder of My Food Bag and leading New Zealand business woman, author and philanthropist
• Shelley Campbell MNZM – CEO at the Cancer Society Waikato Bay of Plenty
• Dellwyn Stuart – CEO Auckland Foundation and Chair Women’s Fund
• Anna Galvan – Fundraising & Marketing Manager at Maia Health and former Silver Fern

Women have always gathered in groups and done their inspiring, laughing, healing, learning, celebrating, helping, collaborating together and that is what Giant Sisters is all about.

Giant Sisters – Why now? Well this year (2018) in New Zealand we are celebrating the 125th year of women’s suffrage (the right to vote) thanks to the incredible efforts of the suffragettes and women of New Zealand back on 19 September 1893 led by Kate Sheppard and her innovative team of extremely well organised, focussed, brave women. New Zealand was the first country in the world to grant suffrage to women so what a great year to launch Giant Sisters and to include women and girls from all around the world.

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