Eden-Park-sized harbour reclamation unacceptable

Press Release – Viaduct Harbour

“The new proposal for an America’s Cup Village will see a new, permanent wharf extension of 45m by 220m jutting out into the Waitemata Harbour – covering over an area of water at least the size of a rugby field with concrete,” Viaduct Harbour Holdings Chief Executive Angela Bull says.

“That means it is still unacceptable for Aucklanders and for our harbour.”

“We have seen a welcome shift in thinking by the parties away from building more and more permanent encroachments into Aucklanders’ harbour, and towards a vibrant, cohesive village on existing land and structures around Wynyard Point that doesn’t expand the city’s concrete footprint into the harbour.”

However, the new design proposal posted by Team New Zealand shows two double-bases planned for the eastern part of Halsey Wharf, which would require a new, permanent 45m x 220m extension of Halsey Wharf.

“The unnecessary double-base on the east of Halsey Wharf would make the America’s Cup Village less cohesive. But much worse, it creates a new, permanent and completely unnecessary encroachment on Aucklanders’ harbour. That is the wrong legacy for Auckland.”

“The plan shows that all the challengers will be able to fit their bases on the existing land and structures on Wynyard Point, without building into the harbour. The Village can be built around the existing bars and restaurants, 21st-century office blocks, the ASB theatre, Silo Park and the children’s playground, and be a place for all of Auckland.”

“That means no new encroachment into the Waitemata Harbour is needed and none should be tolerated. This new proposal, with its expensive, unnecessary and environmentally irresponsible rugby-field sized expansion into Aucklanders’ harbour, remains completely unacceptable.”


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