Billy TK returns to Auckland for two shows

Press Release – Pie Cart Rock and Roll

Psychedelic rock kaumatua.
Lord of the Wah Wah.
Stoner rock legend.
Subliminal frequency architect.
Billy TK returns to Auckland for two shows.

Auckland at Panhead Viaduct on Friday 13th April

Titirangi at Titirangi Theatre on Saturday 14th April

Billy TK has kept busy in the last year.

– He regularly plays shows in all pockets of the country

– He also recorded an album of new material with Ukiah Brown on guitar, and Marshall Berry on drums with Bob Frisbee at the desk.

– AND let us also say he blew a few minds when last year he opened for the fantastic light trippers and psychedelic fiends Endless Boogie. “Billy’s opening for us ?” they asked ?.

– He played lead guitar at the 2017 Apra Silver Scrolls in the tribute to The Clean.

– Billy also embraces peace on every level – even when his guitar is feeding back in BTK style. He will be sharing his message for unity, clear thinking, and clean living after the show.

Billy will be performing again with Ukiah Brown on guitar, Marshall Berry on drums. Joining them will be an old cohort of Billy’s, Ara Mete. Ara played with Billy in the early 70s in Powerhouse

Last year’s show was a sonic emporium of delights with BTK even re-visiting Black Sally from the Human Instinct’s back catalog which he originally recorded in 1970.

An excellent and sunny interview with Billy with him recording live last year

TICKETS available now from under the radar

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