NZ Public lulled into false sense of security

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New Zealand Public lulled into false sense of security.
An URGENT overhaul of legislation governing the placement of Smoke Detectors is sort by a Health And Safety – Hazard Remedial Coordinator – February 2018
Until this happens – take matters into your own hands, after all, it is your life and the lives of your family that are at risk.Install Smoke and Heat Detectors as per New Zealand Fire Service recommendations, not as per current legislation .
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Head into the kitchen and take a look at the ceiling, what do you see?

Can you see a Smoke Detector, “yes can tick that off, and it is one of those with a ten year battery life”. Sorry NO TICK – remove the Smoke Detector immediately and replace it with a Heat Detector.

Smoke Detectors are not designed to detect fires and should not be installed in kitchens.

Seriously, a smoke detector in a kitchen, all it will do is warn you “after” you have burnt your toast and a lot of help that is. On a more sinister note, you are unlikely to be warned of a fire.
Now, walk towards the bedroom and pause to look at the ceilings. Smoke alarms have been installed within three meters of each bedroom as per legislation, tick.
Now this is where the New Zealand Fire Service, Insurance Companies and I disagree with Legislation.
Installing Photoelectric Smoke Detectors within 3m of bedroom doors is better than doing nothing but will only offer limited protection. The New Zealand Fire Service and Insurance Companies recommend, Heat Detector in the KItchen, Smoke Detector (in) each bedroom, living room and hall.
Say you are asleep with your bedroom door closed, a fire starts within your bedroom, the room starts filling with smoke, a Smoke Detector on the other side of the closed door is going to do what? It will most likely detect the smoke given time, but by then, there is every is chance you would have died from smoke inhalation.
False sense of security, Inadequate Legislation, call it what you will. Personally I think an URGENT overhaul of the legislation is required and until it happens; take matters into your own hands, install Smoke and Heat Detectors as per New Zealand Fire Service recommendations, not as per current legislation.
Brian Dalley – Hazard Remedial Coordinator
Auckland Health And Safety

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